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Specialized Testing Services lab provides you the high-quality lab testing services in Coimbatore. Our lab is equipped with state-of-art technologies to provide you with the most advanced and reliable lab and food testing services in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. STS Lab is comprised of a technically trained team with highly skilled technicians. Furthermore, good infrastructure and sophisticated Instruments assure you reliable and accurate lab testing results. As one of the leading chemical testing labs in Coimbatore, we do testing and analysis for a wide range of products. It includes drinking water, food & baked products, soil, edible oil, agriculture products, herbal & ayurvedic, cosmetics products, briquettes, coal items and other materials.

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  • STS testing lab is an ISO 9001 certified lab below quality management. Besides, we’ve made 3+ years of experience in lab testing that will positively ensure the best lab testing service providers in Coimbatore.

  • If client’s lab testing fails with any of issues, we do consultancy with our clients regarding those issues and make our clients go on safest sides.

  • STS Lab provide reliable water, food, oil, chemical, herbal, metal testing lab and soil testing services in Coimbatore and also across India! It doesn’t matter which part of Coimbatore or India you live in, you can send a sample on couriers for accurate lab testing results.

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Now, we have the facility for surface hygienic and monitoring Swab Test in Coimbatore

We are advanced and specialized swab testing lab in Coimbatore with all the facilities for surface hygiene and monitoring. As one of the well-known and leading lab for swab tests in Coimbatore, we analyze and monitor test for personnel, equipment, uniforms, and air samples from any Industries, Hotels, and hospitals, etc. Our team of technically trained technicians and skilled professionals will combine and work together for giving out the high-quality and standard swab test results in Coimbatore. For the best and accurate swab results, you can confidently choose our testing laboratory in Coimbatore.

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Food Testing Service

Specialized Testing Services lab is limited to fully furnished with all the necessary equipment which are required for complete food products testing and food analysis with a wide range of food analysis. We also provide consulting services required for new food products in research and development fields. Being accredited by ISO 9001 certified lab below quality management. The customs we follow are in accordance with several national & international standards. We own a specific food testing laboratory for taking out the tests as well as operating the most advanced instruments. We also analysis of food & agricultural products as per FSSAI, BIS, EIC/EIA, APEDA & European (EU) standards, FSSA (Food Safety and Standards Act). Contact us today to get customized solutions to meet your needs of food analytical laboratories Coimbatore.

Water Testing Service

STS Lab is an advanced water testing laboratory in Coimbatore giving a complete range of water testing and analysis services to various industries, organizations, and individuals. The laboratory is accredited by ISO 9001 certified lab below quality management. We have 3+ years of experience in the lab testing field and are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for testing of water to international standards. The laboratory has a team of experts working together to offer a tremendous quality of testing services to clients and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Furthermore, drinking water is a certain need of any existing being. The common primary requirement to ensure good quality drinking availability is to conduct regular drinking water testings in Coimbatore.

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soil lab Testing

Soil Testing Service

STS has advanced soil testing lab in Coimbatore, Our latest machine helps farmers to check the quality of the soil for the cultivation. From the soil testing we can easily found out the salinity content by PH level of the soil by whether the soil is alkaline or acidic, moderate PH level will indicate good quality, Nutrient level describes how good the crop will grow in the soil, Our lab test provides micronutrient content in soil which helps farmers to put only the required fertilizer to grow healthy crop. Our expert team will provide guidance to improve the quality of the soil.

Herbal Testing Service

Herbal Lab tests are an easy way to accurately verify that herbal raw materials contain active principals, and the drugs, which are produced using these raw materials, have necessary medicinal properties. Our STS Lab follows the traditional systems on testings of medicine such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy, based on herbal medicines, have long been the bases of healthcare in Coimbatore, and now the world is awakening to the power of these systems. We define the accurate testing results for medicine in various means including oil and water, and the fragility of raw materials and drugs, among others. STS Laboratory has been carrying the herbal testings to verify and ensure the quality of the products for close to couple decades now. Contact us to have accurate testings results on herbal products offered by us.

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Quality Food Testing Lab in Coimbatore

Our testing lab has comprised of qualified and experienced technicians. We are equipped with an array of advanced instruments for water, oil, material and food product testing lab in Coimbatore. STS Lab regularly offers quality with reliable testing results and client support service regarding their test results. We check the safety measures on food business operators in making a safer zone to have the Healthy Food for the Consumers by food testing labs in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

  • Provide the accurate testing results for each of our lab testing services in Coimbatore

  • We afford our lab testings for reliable, minimum cost-effective & rapid test methods for our every customer.

  • Protect your customers from any contaminated, modified and unhealthy food by our food quality testing laboratory in Coimbatore

  • We do testings on alcohols/wine beverages with perfect analysis and accurate lab testings.

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  • Courier your test samples for the following address:
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    14, Amburose Street, Kavundampalayam,
    Tamil Nadu – 641030,

  • Once your test sample received, we will contact you

  • You can get your instant test result (soft copy) through mail or
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  • We will also send your hard copy of the test results via courier

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Our Lab Testing Services

food and oil testing lab coimbatore, best water quality testing laboratory in coimbatore

Water Testing Lab

Our STS Lab offers a wide range of testing on groundwater, wastewater, and drinking water quality testing lab in Coimbatore. Even more analytical lab services with complete support.

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STS labs is a food testing lab coimbatore provides agricultural testing services.

Food & Agriculture Testing Lab

STS Lab is one of the best food testing analysis lab in Coimbatore & agriculture product testing laboratory. We offer accurate testing results on any specific testing needs for customers.

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herbal and medicine testing lab in coimbatore for quality services.

Herbal & Ayurvedic Testing Lab

Our lab provides the herbal testing in Coimbatore with over 3 years of experience. We are specialized in Ayurvedic and herbal products testing, above all one of the best Ayurvedic product testings lab.

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material testing lab in coimbatore, chemical testing lab in coimbatore

Cosmetics Product Testing

Our technical lab staffs provide the cosmetics lab testing in Coimbatore. We offer to test all cosmeceutical products testing lab in Coimbatore for providing precise & accurate product results for leading a better life.

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soil testing in coimbatore, soil testing laboratory in coimbatore, soil testing services in coimbatore

Briquettes and Coal Testing lab

Experts are affording the Briquettes and Coal Testing in Coimbatore with Sampling, Analysis & Inspection. STS Lab conducts testing of coal, coke & other fuels as per NABL standards with perfect accuracy results for every customer.

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Food, Water Quality, Research Testing & Analysis Lab in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Cooked Food Product Testing Lab

We also prefer the cooked food products testing in Coimbatore and used to test for everything from contaminants to making sure there is a sufficient amount of nutrients in each cooked food and bakery products

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    About Specialized Testing Services Lab in Coimbatore

    STS Lab is one of the best food & drinking water testing labs in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, including certification of ISO 9001 below quality management. Furthermore provides wide range of testing of complete water testings, Food & agriculture products like Food grains, Spices, Oil, Honey, Ghee, Tea, Coffee, Bakery products, Nutrition supplements, Health mix powder, Fruits & Vegetables, Alcoholic beverages, Meat, Fish, Water, Soil, Soap & detergents, Briquettes, Cosmetics, Herbal & Ayurvedic products, as per Indian Standard/ FSSAI/ USEPA /AOAC/API/IP Other International Standard / approved methods. If you are searching for the best testing labs near me, then you can easily find STS Lab, since we are located at the main area of Coimbatore. As the leading soil testing lab in Coimbatore, you can get precise test results for agriculture based testings.

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    Getting Samples

    STS Lab provide reliable edible oil testing service in Coimbatore and also across India! It doesn’t matter which part of Coimbatore or India. You can send a sample through couriers for the accurate lab testing results, Presence of well-trained staff for sample collection & outfitted with containers.

    water testing lab in coimbatore
    Testing Process

    Presently more than ever, there is an increasing need for lab testings in Coimbatore. Once we received testing samples that are guaranteed to be carried in a controlled atmosphere and immediately administered with. Finally, each sample is analyzed together for all parameters requested.

    oil test lab in coimbatore
    Quality Analysis

    Our Quality of lab testing is the first essential rules to be obtained with an STS Lab as a name that ensures no compromises on quality. With our state-of-the-art technologies on the floor, regular lab checks and calibrations are performed to ensure the best accuracy in testing.

    coal testing laboratories coimbatore tamilnadu
    Testing Reports

    The complete Lab Testing & analysis reports are provided and can be easily viewed. If our client’s lab testing fails with any of issues, we do consultancy with our clients regarding those issues and make our clients go on safest sides. Along with we provide ideas to alarming the test results.

    Having already performed 1,00,000+ tests for our satisfied clients,
    you could choose us for your lab testing demands.

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    You can contact Specialized Testing Services (STS) via email: and contact over Telephone: 04224980402, Mobile: 09500860005. Please provide your address, contact information and testing requirements by WhatsApp @ 9500860005 or mail @

    Please write email @ or WhatsApp @ 9500860005. Please indicate the type/name of products, testing requirements. A quotation with the charges and applicable taxes and testing duration for different testing / analysis will be sent you.
    You can pay through IMPS, RTGS or NEFT in our Company’s Bank Account. You will be provided with the Account No. and IFSC code upon request for directly remitting the payment into our account. Cheque/DD also acceptable.
    As a matter of Policy STS do not extend any type credit for any clients towards testing. In any case you have to make the payment in full either or 50% along with the Sample and balance before the release of results as per agreed turnaround time.

    Samples along with the proper details should be sent to Specialized Testing Services (STS) either in person or through courier to:
    COIMBATORE – 30,
    Mobile: 9500860005

    The final signed report will detail the client information, sample description, tests performed and results of such test. It will also indicate if specifications available as per the standard. If you have any marking reference to be included, you have to intimate well in advance while submitting the samples.
    Hard copies of the reports are issued in person or sent via courier and if you require a soft copy via e-mail.
    Please call STS at Telephone: 04224980402, Mobile: 09500860005 to Customer Care In-charge. Each report has a Report No. on the top corner of the report. We can retrieve this report from our records and discuss any issues you may have.