Food Testing Lab in Coimbatore

Our STS Lab in Coimbatore is one of the premiere food testing labs in Coimbatore. At STS lab we believe in using a wide range of analytical techniques in order to support our customers increasingly stringent quality and safety standards. Quality at STS lab goes beyond accurate excellence and correct results. High investment in state-of-the-art equipment provides all the capacity needed to meet customer requirements even in high season or in urgent cases. Our STS lab holds years of experience in analysis & detection of toxic residual contaminants like Pesticides, Heavy metals, Mycotoxins, & Veterinary drug residues. Complete microbiological examination of food and food products is also undertaken. Our STS lab creates as the best food testing lab in Coimbatore by meeting the exact customer’s requirements for modern food analysis. At STS lab we ensure food safety and quality.

  • Quality Testing
  • Food Adulterants Testing

  • Food Additives Testing

  • Nutritional Labelling & Testing

  • Shelf Life Studies

  • Chemical and Micro Biological Testing

Food product testing lab in coimbatore

The List Includes All Food Items in the Following Categories

  • Tea and coffee items
  • Edible oils and Fat Emulsions
  • Fruits and Vegetable products
  • Cereals and Cereal products

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Meat and poultry products
  • Fish and Fish products

  • Sweets and Confectionery

  • Sweetening Agents Including Honey & Ghee
  • Beverages (Other than Dairy and fruits & Vegetables)

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    Agriculture Testing Lab in Coimbatore

    Our STS Lab in Coimbatore is one of the premier soil and oil testing labs in Coimbatore. At STS lab we follow best soil testing procedures and it is conducted to calculate the availability of nutrients to the plants, and to know the physical and chemical properties of the soil. In addition to knowing the fertility of the soil, soil testing also helps in the improvement of the soil and to estimate the correct dose of chemical fertilizers to be applied to the soil. Our STS lab is mainly for agriculture and soil testing lab in Coimbatore, We prefer Soil and Plant Analysis is well known among research and extension agencies, and farmers for its advanced facilities, the reliability of the analysis, and efficient advisory service. The Laboratory offers soil, plant, manure and irrigation water analysis services to the farmers and other customers. Our Experienced staff in Soil Testing, Plant Analysis, and Water Quality Assessment to provide you the accuracy with reliable testing results in Coimbatore.

    Safe Food

    Sampling Services

    Sampling is a specialized job as the final results of an analysis, represent the sample taken. Our team of highly trained samplers follows stringent sampling procedures to ensure that the sample integrity is maintained right from collection until the sample reaches the laboratory for analysis. Strict aseptic techniques are used for collection of all samples from all over India.

    Customer Support

    At STS lab we take care of the customer’s requirements by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. We are committed to providing best-in-class customer care. At STS lab you can expect nothing but the best in customer service. That’s how we work for you!

    Quality Assurance

    Our quality assurance is a systematic process of checking whether our services meet specified requirements. We have a separate department devoted to quality assurance which upolds our customer’s confidence & improves work processes and efficiency. We also that the emphasize on catching defects before they get into the final system.

    “Measure Your Food Quality”