Water Testing Lab in Coimbatore

Water is essential for life. Clean and quality water is an essential requirement for the sustenance of life. But many variables affect the quality of water. Our STS lab provides the water testing lab in Coimbatore and provides our best services for testing the quality of water. We are professionally well managed ISO 9001 Certified Testing Lab in Coimbatore coordinated by a group of qualified water testing experts in Coimbatore. Our STS lab has been known for its testing results accuracy, integrity and reliable results for Past 20 years experienced staff. we are doing the analysis of drinking, RO water, bore water, well water, water for the food industry, water for constructions, industrial wastewater, sewage water, water for agriculture purpose as per BIS/FSSAI/APHA/AOAC standards etc.

water testing laboratory in coimbatore

Water Testing is Essential For Our Daily Life

Frequently Asked Questions about Drinking Water Testing

Why Is it necessary Drinking Water Testing?

In the present day scenario contamination & cross-contamination of drinking water is very common. Drinking water testing has become necessary to ensure good health.

Water Testing can be done for which other types of Water?

Borewell Water, Packaged Water, Sewage and Effluent Water, Dialysis Water and Industrial Water.

Is it necessary to Test water from Water Purification Plants?

Periodic testing of water purification plants helps in understanding whether the purifiers are functioning properly or not.

Advantages of STS in Water testing

  • We Identify the polluted or contaminated water supplies

  • We do Indicate the suitability of water for various uses.

  • We performing the variety of testing services that range from water quality analysis

  • Expert advice – testing schemes, on-site-check for hygiene and allergens, labelling advice and traceability

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