Cosmetics Testing

Our STS lab creates the range of cosmetic testings in Coimbatore. Everyone should fall on offers in drugstores and perfumeries, are large today. Significant customers pay close attention to quality brands before making purchases. Our cosmetic testings inspect cosmetic products for chemical and microbiological safety, We at STS lab will be maintaining our customer’s trust on your products and documenting your own high level of standards when it comes to product quality testing in Coimbatore. Nowadays Cosmetics being those things which are basically used to alter the appearance and smell of a human body require much more so we concern towards quality, safety, and performance on our lab testing in Coimbatore. Beauty products or cosmetics are a mixture of various chemicals sourced from nature or may be prepared artificially. STSLab is an independent and self-reliant Cosmetics Testing lab in Coimbatore which is well-equipped to serve its customers the best of the services to analyze the raw materials as well as products to reduce the risk related to product safety.

cosmetic testing

Overview of Our Services

  • Microbiological Compatibility Testing

  • Heavy and Toxic Metal Testing

  • Biological Testing
  • Chemical Stability Testing

  • Durability Testing

  • Contaminants Analysis

Also, We Can,

  • Certificate of analysis

  • Quality tests

  • Chemical analysis

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Metals Testing

  • Shelf life study

  • Stability studies

“Make a perfect cosmetics product testing with us”