Our STS lab is one of the largest water, food, soil, and oil testing lab in Coimbatore. our motto is to be focussed on high-quality analytical services quickly, confidential upon a minimum cost-effective manner. Our STS lab testing results are reliable as these are based on accuracy and neutrality. Our staff is full of a skilled team to help our customer so acquire a one stop solution in the field of testings with our testing lab in Coimbatore. They perform various tests to ensure, for the optimum quality. For the past decades, we have been serving our customers all over with our high-quality analytical services in Coimbatore. In a short span of time, we have acquired a lot of appreciation from our customers. Our STS lab is trying for Enhancement in reputation by striving for the testings as Honesty, Reliability and Trust Spirit of responsiveness by identifying client needs.

Quality Testing Lab in Coimbatore

Chemicals Testing Lab

Our lab is presented as the best chemical testing lab in Coimbatore. We at STS lab are staffed by chemists with years of industry experience and equipped with advanced instrumentation. Our chemical test laboratory in Coimbatore works with the client on a wide range of projects, testing diverse chemicals and materials.

Minerals and Metals Testing

We have the years of experience as a minerals and metals testing lab in Coimbatore with industry knowledge in this area, we have engaged in offering Minerals & Metals Testing Services in Coimbatore. Services offered by us are executed under the guidance of our skilled professionals as per the specifications of our clients.

Heavy Metals Testing

STS lab performs heavy metal tests and trails element testing and analyses in our lab in Coimbatore. We offer the different techniques are successfully implemented on a wide variety of patterns and our services are cost-effective, reliable and timely executed services that enable us to ensure maximum client’s satisfaction. Apart from this, our experts are experienced to provide these services in a regular manner.

Analysis of Toxic Substances

We are providing the best toxicology laboratory testing services providers in Coimbatore. Get our contact details and contact us for toxicology testing lab in Coimbatore, We also do drug testing lab in Coimbatore. Apart from this, our lab testing experts are experienced to provide these services in a regular manner.

Pesticides Residue Analysis

We provide pesticides residue analytical laboratory in Coimbatore are expected to detect, quantitate and identify hundreds of pesticides with diverse physicochemical properties in sample types. Our STS la testing in Coimbatore protects food consumers from adverse effects of pesticides. If you would like to know more about our pesticide residue analysis, contact our STS lab in Coimbatore.

Nutritional Analysis Testing

Nutritional analysis testing is just one of a set of services we provide to ensure the safety and quality of your products. Our food testing lab in Coimbatore can offer a full range of food testing services in addition to our expert analytical services, our advisory experts ensure they are always up to date with the latest regulations and methodologies so they can accurately guide you through the nutritional testing results.

Shelf Life Studies

Our Experts is updated with the latest trend on Shelf Life Studies. We ensure that your food products, desired attributes, quality, and safety are maintained throughout the product entire shelf life and stated storage conditions in our STSlab Coimbatore. Reliable use by or best before times cannot be determined by guesswork or by copying the shelf life of a competitor’s product, so we do complete testing and analyzing throughout our customer’s product to make them proud.

Biological Testing Lab

Our Biological Testing Lab of Coimbatore. The laboratory utilizes state of the art modern instrumental techniques is established with high standard equipment, our biological research, and testing facility that includes a multidisciplinary team of staffs. We tailor our services to provide customers with the most information based on standardized and unique methodologies to provide the accurate testing results.

Adulteration Test

Among peoples everyday needs food plays a major sustaining role. From the simple dish to the most elaborate food, Our STS lab Provides the adulteration tests for each use of human beings and it has become an ever-increasing need for detecting the good quality of foods, We do guarantee that we provide the accurate adulteration testing results in Coimbatore within the short number of tests.

Quality control analysis

Our Laboratory quality control analysis is designed to detect, reduce, and identify the exact needs of our customers testing results, in order to improve the quality of the results reported by our laboratory. The main purpose quality control analysis results are used to validate whether the instrument is operating within pre-defined terms, suggesting that customers test results are reliable.

Formulation Development Services

STS lab provides formulation development and optimization, with a focus on solid, semisolid and non-sterile liquid oral formulations as part of a lifecycle management plan. Our services are custom tailored to each client’s needs. Our staff delivers products that are bioavailable, stable and scalable to use in clinical trials and beyond. We are providing accurate test results to each of our customers with our reliable testing lab in Coimbatore

Extraction of product development for commercial purpose

We do obtain the formula development for corporate companies, If our clients gave the ideas or about the product knowledge, we do develop the formula for the exact products and gave back with perfect results and formula steps with 100% accuracy.